Stele for the Monument to Giovanni Paisiello

Stele per il Monumento a Giovanni Paisiello

P. Canonica

Material and technique: 
inv. C. 595

A mock up made in plaster by Pietro Canonica for the monument dedicated to the musician, which was destroyed in 1943 by a bombardment. The work was copied and, in 1959, placed in a piazza in the city of Taranto. In the mock up of the stele (a base for the bust of the musician) three allegorical figures are depicted, Poetry, Music and Dance. On the reverse side two fauns allude to the bucolic character of Paisello’s music. The mock up, placed on a turntable base, was particularly dear to Pietro Canonica, a great admirer of Paisello’s music.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall


The Studio has been maintained as it was when the artist was working here. The room is part of the antique building which once belonged to the Borghese family.

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