Room III

This is the largest room in the museum. It displays large scale celebrative, funerary and allegorical works, including the base of the monument to Kemal Ataturk, which Canonica inaugurated at Izmir in 1932 and that dedicated to the Turkish Republic in Group from the battle of Sakarya.

Sala III

The two models are of equestrian statues dedicated respectively to the Latin American hero Simon Bolivar and to King Feysal of Iraq. This last work is of particular interest as it is the only remaining evidence of the work, after the destruction of the original in the 1958 revolution.
As well as funerary monuments commissioned by important aristocratic families, the collection in this room is completed by several excellent allegorical works, such as the 1910 The Digger, in the classical style, the 1901 the Vigil of the Soul, which uses symbolist themes and 1914 the Four Seasons.