Amedeo d’Aosta repairs the damages at Carmagnola

Amedeo d'Aosta soccorre i danneggiati di Carmagnola

Enrico Gamba

Material and technique: 
Pencil on paper
inv. C. 370

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Corridoio primo piano

At the beginning of the Corridor on the first floor there is console with a large pier glass, decorated with inlays, lacquered and gilded, made in the full rococco style by Piedmontese workman. In the centre of the glass is a medallion with a portrait of Vittorio Emanuele I of Savoy. This piece of furniture was bought by the artist, together with four doors with with lintels and the door giving access to the second landing, at an auction at the Royal Palace in Turin.

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